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Welcome to Valley Spinal Care

Scottsdale Chiropractors Are on the Cutting Edge of Health

If you’re looking for achiropractor in Scottsdale who truly listens and cares, then you’ve found your chiropractor at Valley Spinal Care! Our staff is on the cutting edge of health care with extensive education, clinical success and a friendly, hands-on approach. Unlike other Scottsdale chiropractic clinics, we work as a team to give patients the precise tools and guidance they need in a safe, relaxing environment.

Living Optimally

“You’ve taken your first step towards better health, and we hope that scheduling your chiropractic visit
will be your next step on your path to true wellness,” says Dr. Josh Baldwin. “It is our clinical intention to equally address muscular imbalance, spinal misalignment, nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and lifestyle choices so that patients have all the best in non-surgical, non-drug treatment options needed to get well and live optimally.

Making Health Care Available to Everyone

Valley Spinal Care offers affordable rates, discounted family plans
and low insurance co-pays. In addition, our chiropractors and the
rest of our staff are ready to answer any questions you may have
about chiropractic care.

Give us a call today to start on your path to true wellness!

Dedicated to providing Scottsdale, AZ families the
highest quality chiropractic care possible.
Dr. Justin Pierce & Dr. Josh Baldwin
Valley Spinal Care
(602) 788-4200