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What To Expect


First Visit

You will be kindly greeted with smiles from our friendly staff and doctors. Here at VSC, we want you to be a part of our family. By taking the first step into the office, you are also taking the first step to a healthier you. Don’t fret; help is on the way!

Promptly after the warm welcome, you will be given a personal tour of our revered office. Prior to a medical examination, one of our well-regarded doctors will review your initial paperwork and any and all health concerns that are a discomfort to you. Furthermore, in order to understand and determine the best way to go about treating the problems you face, the doctor will ask questions (regarding family history, nutritional patterns, your job, and other care you have received) aimed at helping establish the nature of your illness.

After the preliminary discussion, a physical examination will be performed in agreement with your Scottsdale doctor’s clinical decision. This may include, but is not restricted to, laboratory analysis, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures. In addition to these procedures, a careful spinal examination and analysis will be performed. After thorough analysis, the doctor will identify any structural irregularities. This is a crucial step in order for the doctor to evaluate and determine where the aches and pains stem from.

Second Visit

After reviewing your health history, goals, and examining your initial paperwork and examinations, your Scottsdale doctor will give you a detailed report of all findings and answer any questions including:

• How can VSC aid in healing my pains?• How often do I need to come to Valley Spinal Care?• What will my treatment cost?

Your doctor will review suggestions and inform you if your specific health needs require care with other providers. As you and your chiropractor are concluding the discussion, you have the choice to experience your first treatment; this may involve spinal adjustments, a soft tissue massage, and/or rehabilitative exercise.

Here at VSC, we believe in flexible treatments; you can express concerns about the different types of treatment at anytime. Whatever your condition entails, we are certain that our chiropractors will provide the finest treatment and wellness plan for your needs.

Second Visit


Regular Visits

It won’t take long to feel like a “regular” at Valley Spinal Care. We want all patients to feel as if they are a part of the VSC family.

A usual office visit may entail a soft tissue massage, a chiropractic treatment, and/or rehabilitative exercise, Vitamin injections or trigger point therapy. Depending on what treatment is being performed, visits can vary in the duration of time. If you are stopping in for an adjustment, you can expect the visit to last ten minutes. If other treatment options are visited, such as stretching or a massage, the appointment may last up to an hour.

Question? Concerns? Make the healthy choice and call today to schedule an appointment! Let us help you live optimally!


1. Happy Family

It does not matter what age or condition you fall under, everyone can benefit from a nervous system that is working at its very best. Our mission at VSC is to create a healthier you: because we experience life through our nervous system, it is our duty to adjust and correct the nervous system in order to optimize life. We are here to greet you with a friendly smile, listen to your concerns, and guide you to a better life.

2. Obvious Spinal Problem

Many people associate chiropractic care with headaches, neck, and back discomforts. Our focus at VSC is the spine because it houses the nervous system, which transmits vital communications between your brain and body.

3. Visceral or Organic Complaints

Most patients consult our practice for spinal issues; however, some have “non-back” health concerns. We have had personal experiences with patients suffering from asthma, bedwetting, colic, and even stomach problems. If the patient has subluxations, we believe that chiropractic care may be helpful, regardless of your health problem.

4. Natural Drug Free Health Care

Here at VSC, we believe in providing a safe and natural approach to a better and healthier life. Those who wish to avoid drugs or surgery will often consult our practice.

5. Maintenance and Prevention

Valley Spinal Care admires and acknowledges the importance of ongoing chiropractic care. We would be honored to be your Scottsdale chiropractor and provide these services to you regularly.

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